The progress of the society is primarily due to productivity while people are the most vigorous and important among all kinds of components of productivity. The current success of Wonder is created by all kinds of talents and its future is still in need of more capable employees. Wonder holds on to beliefs that all team members are supposed to maintain grateful, cooperative, selfless and tolerant. Under that circumstance, Wonder cares deeply about all employees and provides them with a platform to give play to their capabilities as well as grow to become better people. We would follow the practice all the time in the future development that we would make an exception and put those with both virtues and talents in important positions. As for virtuous employees without enough talents at the moment, we would conduct relevant personnel training and make them capable for great responsibilities. Only if we continue to create values for our clients with first-rate services, cultivate the employees through humanized management and provide each of them with a wide spectrum of career opportunities as well as a good culture atmosphere within the company can Wonder sustain its success in the future.

Scientific: We are supposed to take industrial characteristics, historical experience as well as our own situation into consideration when establishing the strategic plans and daily operation schemes. In this way, we would manage to be considerate.

Pragmatic: We are supposed to strive to good habits that the ascription of responsibility for major tasks is explicit and the deadline of main business is clear at the beginning of the foundation of the enterprise and the recruitment of every member. All details of Wonder’s development have been recorded in the weekly Work Schedule and Task fulfillment.

Efficient: We have introduced a great deal of financial software such as Psoft (Project Management Software) as well as custom-made ERP, internal e-mail and working groups. In other words, we have achieved the goal of paper-less office and managed to have transparent and efficient communications with our working partners.

Democratic: Listen to both sides, you will be enlightened. We can not only avoid major mistakes in operating decisions but also enable a sense of ownership of every member through giving full play to collective intelligence of all the staff.

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