A successive and prominent advantage of Wonder is that it is deeply rooted in the broadest grass-roots market. We maintain two featured advantages including logistics services and technical services, through which we are closely linked to thousands of processing enterprises specialized in plastic products. As a result, the channels of distribution are improved and we manage to transform the sales of mere chemical materials into systematic solutions with synthetic resin. In that case, our clients can be provided with systematic and high value-added services.



The production processes in the plastics industry give priority to injection molding, blow molding and extrusion molding. However, if we get more specific to certain equipments, finished products or additives, their requirements on processes are totally different from each other. For example, many processing enterprises are troubled by all kinds of authentication certificate for a long period. The team members in Wonder are always assiduously seeking to provide clients with more references and suggestions on technical processes in the process of material sales.

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